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03 juni 2019

Advanced CAD/CAM – Implants from plan to scan


In this advanced CAD/CAM course you will explore several in-depth concepts in implant dentistry – including implant planning, surgical guide fabrication, and surgical techniques. Advanced CAD/CAM quick facts

The course has the following learning objectives:

  • Learn the step-by-step workflow for designing implant-supported restorations.
  • Learn digital implant planning and 3D printed guide fabrication.
  • Learn surgical concepts regarding implant location, placement, uncovery
  • Learn how to optimize implant uncovery for better aesthetics
  • Learn how to import abutments and design large temporary restorations
  • Learn how to make aesthetic final implantsupported restorations

Target group:

  • General dentists with previous experience with CAD/CAM technology and implantology
  • Implantologists
  • Periodontists
  • Prosthodontists
  • This is an advanced CAD/CAM course. We recommend that participants complete our Fundamentals of CAD/CAM or Beyond the basics of CAD/CAM course before attending the advanced course


Day 1 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Proper planning, location, angulation and depth
  • CBCT merging with PlanScan scans in Romexis
  • Implant placement using software and guide fabrication
  • Scan, design, and merge in software, design guide
  • Surgically place an implant; then restore using core files of the custom abutment
  • Master the winged adhesion bridge as an option to temporize implant sites

Day 2 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Implant surgical tips and trouble shooting, bone grafting and implant uncovery issues
  • Restore a multiple unit anterior implant bridge from surgical planning to milling and characterization

Aesthetic restorations with CAD/CAM course

Course objectives

  • Learn the step-by-step workflow for designing multiple unit anterior restorations
  • Learn how to make aesthetic final implant supported restorations
  • Learn digital smile design software concepts
  • Learn tooth preparation principles for anterior and posterior restorations
  • Learn key aspects in digital photography

    Learn advanced skills in aesthetic and conservative dentistry – from smile design and multiple units anterior restorations to custom characterization and more conservative posterior treatment options.

    Equipment used: Planmeca Creo C5, Planmeca Romexis implantology module, Planmeca Emerald, PlanMill 40 S, Planmeca Romexis Smile Design, Photography equipment

    Nordic Institute of Dental Education

Day 4 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Digital photography
  • Characterization mapping
  • Smile design
  • Additive wax-up
  • Characterization and surface texture

Case 5A: Smile design
Case 5B: Design and send to mill for characterization Case 6: Smile design, additive wax-up, final design

Evening: Planmeca Yacht sail on Baltic Sea and Finnish Archipelago with snacks and drinks

Day 5 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Adhesion bridges
  • Photography session
  • Smile design and additive wax-up cases
  • Materials and preparation styles

    Case: Smile design on participant
    Case: Additive wax-up on participant, merge, prepare for 3D printing, transfer to mouth using silicone index and bisacryl, charactrize hybrid using resin stains

    Evening: The program ends at 17:00 (5 PM) with Champagne and diploma ceremony

Start: 3 juni 2019
End: 7 juni 2019
Prijs: €3000
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Website: Bezoek ticketpagina



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03 juni 2019

Start: 3 juni 2019
End: 7 juni 2019
Prijs: €3000
Categorie: ,
Website: Bezoek ticketpagina

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